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Braided Rugs for Pet-Friendly Homes

Updated: May 30

Braided rugs made from natural materials might not be the best thing when you have pets at home. Your cats or dogs can easily damage and stain a cotton, or wool braided rug. Under such circumstances, the synthetic types seem like the smart choice.

Low-pile Jute rugs, Olefin, Nylon, Polyester and Acrylic rugs have all the qualities that make them perfect to withstand the damage your pet can do. In contrast to natural fiber rugs, they are far more durable and tolerant to your pet’s teeth and claws. Plus, they don’t hold onto urine/feces stains and odor.

Pet owners who love braided rugs are often tired of all the maintenance work. However, some options can help your pets and favorite rugs co-exist in the same decades.

Braided Rugs for Pet-Friendly Homes
Braided Rugs

Key Takeaways

  • Low-pile Jute rugs stand out for their toughness and natural softness, although they may pose challenges with excessive shedding and urine stain removal. 

  • Olefin rugs offer exceptional durability and easy cleaning.

  • Nylon rugs exhibit remarkable resilience against pet-related dirt and stains. 

  • Polyester rugs boast resistance to stains and fading, maintaining their vibrancy over time. 

  • Acrylic rugs mimic the look and feel of wool without the susceptibility to pet damage.

What Are The Best Braided Rugs For Pet-Friendly Homes?

Some of the best braided rugs for pet- homes are low-pile Jute and Synthetic rugs. They are tough, easily washable, and resistant to pet-related dirt, stains and odor. You can consider buying the following rugs -

Low- Pile Jute Rugs 

Considering natural fibers, jute rugs are one the toughest braided rugs for pet-friendly homes. No matter how stubborn your pet is, these rugs will easily withstand scratches, bites, and abuses.

However, the strong and durable fibers don't make the rug any less comfortable. Jute is a soft material and therefore can make quite an appealing surface for your pet to rest on

One of the greatest advantages of jute rugs is that they contain no harmful chemicals since the fiber is all-natural. So, your pets can chew on the rug all they want with little to no risk of ingesting toxic substances.

Low-pile jute rug

The only challenge with jute rugs arises when you have hairy pet breeds. An excessively furry cat or dog will shed more hair than your rug or vacuum cleaner can handle.

However, using low-pile jute rugs instead of high-pile ones can be a solution for this. 

Another problem with jute rugs is getting rid of urine stains. This might not be much of a challenge when you have only one cat or multiple dogs.

If your cat is properly potty trained and he/she doesn’t have any accident records, then there is no reason to worry.

However, it gets less manageable when you have multiple cats. There will be more frequent accidents and the coarse jute fibers won’t easily let go of the stains. 

When bad things happen, just throw the rug in the dry cleaner and it will be as good as before.

If you need to clean the jute rug more effectively, be sure to check this cleaning guide out.


  • Tough natural fibers can withstand the abuse from your curious pets 

  • Makes a nice soft bed for the cat or dog to lie down 

  • Easy dry cleaning and low maintenance 

  • Poses no toxicity hazards for your kittens or puppies 


  • Not suitable if you have multiple cats 

  • Cleaning becomes difficult when you have hairy pets 

Olefin Rugs

Also known as propylene rugs, these are very easy to clean and have excellent durability. So, they won’t hold onto the dirt from your dog’s paws. 

Olefin rug

Plus, the kitten or puppy won’t do much damage with their relentless bites and scratches.


  • Can last for decades despite all the clawing and biting

  • Hypoallergenic to pets in comparison to wool 


  • Attains a matty appearance from heavy paw traffic since olefin fibers don’t spring back easily

  • Feels less plushy to pets than wool or natural material

Nylon Rugs

These synthetic rugs show amazing resilience for households with pets. Your furry pal can run and jump on them all day; and still, the rug will stay fine. 

Plus, active pets inevitably bring in a lot of mud and dirt. That won’t be a big deal with nylon rugs since they are so readily washable. 


  • Soft textures feel much more comfortable for pets

  • Remains vibrant for a long time after repeatedly washing off urine stains


  • Generates static electricity which might give your kitten or puppy a nasty surprise 

Polyester Rugs

Even if your cat or dog has an accident on a polyester rug, you won't have to throw the piece out since they are resistant to stains. 

Polyester Rugs

Plus, polyester braided rugs are fade-resistant. So, they will be as colorful for a long time like the day you bought them no matter how many times you wash and dry them in the sun after pet accidents.  


  • Design varieties can complement a wide range of home interiors 

  • Plushy enough for your furry pals to comfortably dip their paws in 


  • Might wear out soon if you have too many pets in the house running across these rugs the whole day

  • Vulnerable to oil-based stains

Acrylic Rugs

Acrylic rugs feel and look like wool. However, unlike the natural fiber, they are resistant to kitty or puppy claws. Plus, you can vacuum off the fur and hair.

acrylic rug

Therefore, these rugs are an excellent option for pet owners who want to add some natural look to their home decor while enjoying the benefits of a synthetic rug. 


  • Doesn’t cause allergy in pets

  • Won't harbor fleas or parasites 

  • Resistant to pet’s urine/feces stains


  • Less durable than other synthetic braided rugs

  • Accumulate dirt if not cleaned regularly 

Challenges With Braided Rugs When You Have a Pet

Has that beautiful wool rug at the store caught your attention? And now you can’t picture your living room without one? Well, stop right there if a cat or dog lives with you and consider these challenges -

Cleaning Hazard

No matter how clean you keep a pet’s paws, they will find a way to get those dirty. Meanwhile, a comfy spot like a warm wool rug will definitely attract your cat or dog to settle down.

Well, there goes your chance of having a nice clean rug. Not to mention, the shedding.

Due to their intricately woven design, braided rugs are very difficult to clean. So, good luck using a vacuum to pull the dirt or shedding hair out.

Deep cleaning methods like pressure washing can help you get rid of the dirt. To extract the hair from your rug, use a lint roller. 

However, you can’t apply these cleaning methods too frequently, or the rug might lose its natural composition.

Chew Toy 

Kittens and puppies can’t help themselves but chew and claw at whatever feels right. And a wool or cotton braided rug is perfect to satisfy their cravings.

Your pets can chew and pull the threads out. As a result, the rug unravels and becomes loose and weary. A kitten’s relentless clawing will also quickly damage the beauty of your rug.

Stain and Odor

Even the best toilet-trained pet can make a dirty mess. In case that happens on the rug, you will probably have to throw it out.

The coarse weave will stubbornly hold on to the stain and odor. Thus, rendering it unsuitable for your home.

If you experience accidents with your pets every now and then, consider not buying any jute one as these usually get stained easily.

Some Tips To Protect Your Braided Rugs From Pet-Related Damages

  • Use Pet mats or pads to shield the rug from direct contact with your furry pal 

  • Clean with enzyme-based solutions specially designed to deal with pet stains 

  • Trim your pet’s nails and train them not to scratch the rugs or other furniture

  • Place a doorway mat to catch most of the dirt in your cat or dog’s paws as they enter the house

  • Prefer low pile rugs since they don’t catch onto fur and shedding 


Ultimately, as a pet owner, you must weigh the pros and cons of each braided rug option to find the best fit for your home. 

Whether prioritizing durability, ease of cleaning, or resistance to pet damage, there are various options available to ensure that pets and favorite rugs can coexist harmoniously in the same space for years to come.

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