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How to Buy A Rug for Your Dining Room

Updated: May 30

Rugs aren’t just normal carpets you buy from the stores. They can mess up the entire environment if they can’t meet your dining space needs. Just as you know how helpful they can be in protecting the floor from spilling and spots, there shouldn’t be any compromises in getting a perfect rug. So, how to buy a rug for your dining room? What things to look for?


Cleanable materials, spot-resistant features, and wider size can make the rug perfect for a dining room. To get these elements in a rug, you must know which materials work, how wide a rug should be, and which makes them washable.


How to Buy A Rug for Your Dining Room

Follow us until the end to bring the perfect rug for your dining space.


How to Buy A Rug for Your Dining Room

Before you concentrate on the types and considerations before buying a dining room rug, you must determine your requirements. Requirements such as how big your dining room is, how often it gets used, or if you have children or pets.


Your Dining Space

The size of the room indicates the type of rug you should buy. If it’s spacious, the sprawling rug will be perfect. Why? Because it’ll add the required warmth to the room.


On the other hand, if you’ve tight space in the room, choosing the perfect fitting rug is much more vital. You must be careful that it doesn’t affect the room’s function. The rug should accommodate the dining table and chairs without causing tripping hassles. You might get my point here that the shorter rugs are ideal for a medium to small dining room.

Dining Space size


Here’s another thing: If the rug you choose complicates the movement of the furniture, then go for rugs in such spaces.


Usage of Your Dining Space

Now, how often do you use your dining space? If it’s used regularly, then choosing a durable rug with easy cleaning criteria is much more important. An indoor/outdoor wool rug would be the preference in this case. Cleaning will be much easier with this after a full night of dining parties.


But if you don’t use your dining room so often, then you can go with the cotton rugs. You can also buy lighter colors according to your liking, as there will be fewer spills and stains.


Matter with the Pets and Children

You might have experienced the little family members causing more wear and tear to fragile or less robust things. If it’s about the rug, there are more chances of spills and stains. Therefore, choosing an indoor/outdoor rug would be wise as they are durable and easy to clean.


Otherwise, you can always be open to purchasing those soft and delicate fibre rugs as you like.


Things You Should Look at While Buying A Rug for Dining Spaces

Once you know all your requirements and conditions, it’s time to pay attention to the rug’s characteristics. You might have known that size and materials are the main two things you should look at. Of course, they are, but there are other things as well. If you are concerned about those, your dining experience with the rug will be much more charming.



The key to having an ideal rug in your dining room is choosing the right size so that all the furniture fits comfortably.  If it’s short, then moving the chair legs will be troublesome.

A too long rug will also cause trouble by overwhelming the room and running into nearby furniture.


So, what’s the correct size of a rug? A good rule of thumb for the general-size dining room will be 24 inches.

Ensure the rug accommodates all the chairs while moving and pulling out.



You might not consider it in the first place, but seeing if the rug is easily cleanable is one of the most important things because messes and spills are inevitable in the rug.

You have to clean it regularly, so the easier the cleaning is, the more enjoyable your experience will be.


Pile Length

The long pile in your rug may feel soft underneath, but it creates a hassle when cleaning spilled-up food and drinks. In fact, spilled food gets stuck into long piles and later causes trouble with cleaning.

So, low pile or flat weave rugs are ideal for dining space.


Color and Pattern

Colors not only contribute to the rug's appearance but also affect how visible stains will be. Lighter shades expose the stains vividly, while the darker hues hide them.

Unless you don’t use your dining room frequently, choosing the dark-colored rug would be a smart move.

color and pattern


Just like colors, pattern also plays a role in hiding the stain. Spills and spots don’t appear as vividly as they may on plain rugs.



To create a cohesive look in your room, try matching the shape of your rug with the shape of your room or table. If your room or table is rectangular, go for a rectangular rug. If you have a round space, opt for a round rug if you can.

However, if you want to add a bit of excitement to your decor, you can mix things up by choosing a different shape for your rug.

For example, pairing a round rug with a square table can create a bold and dynamic look. 


Types of Rugs

Knowing the types of rugs and their characteristics can help you buy them for the dining room. Let’s explore them one by one and see which one you need.


Wool Rug

Wool rugs are the most prominent as they are durable, easy to clean, and provide a soft and luxurious feel. These rugs are also water and dirt-repellent. So wool rugs can be your perfect choice. But they are a bit more expensive than the other rugs.

Wool rug

Cotton Rug

For softness and easy maintenance, cotton rugs can be another good choice. They are made of natural fiber and can be washed thoroughly. But these rugs aren’t as durable as wool ones. Yet you can always go with this rug if you don’t use your dining room frequently.


Polypropylene Rug

Polypropylene rugs come with synthetic fiber. They are stain-resistant with a softer feel and shorter piles. Since they are durable and washable, you can get them for your dining room without hesitation.


Nylon Rug

Nylon rugs are almost similar to polypropylene. They are durable and tend to provide a softer feel. These rugs are stain-resistant and washable as well. You’ll definitely have easy going with its cleaning and maintenance.


Indoor/Outdoor Rug

These types of rugs come with a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. They can withstand heavy use. They are also easy to clean. So, if you have a high-traffic dining room with pets and children at home, these are the rugs you should go for. 

Source: amazon


How Much Does A Rug Cost

The cost of the rug depends on its size and materials. Wool rugs are the most expensive, while synthetic ones are more affordable. The rugs will generally cost around $50 to $500.

If you can shop for a rug at the end of the year or in the holiday season, you can get it at a low price because retailers run sales during this period.

Where to Buy A Dining Room Rug

You can find them in home repair stores or at rug retailers. Home Depot, Home Goods, World Market, Pottery Barn, and IKEA are the offline stores where you can buy them. If you are searching online, Ruggable, Wayfair, Amazon, and Overstock can be the authentic sites.


Buying rugs offline is beneficial as you can touch the fabric by hand and see on your own. There also remains no confusion about the size or height. But if you buy it online, you’ll get a chance to observe the rug personally. But here’s a good thing: the online market provides you with multiple options in no time.


While buying online, check every detail about the rug measurements, materials, and pile lengths. Be concerned about the shipping cost as well. And when you are on the market for yourself, inspect those aspects yourself. Ask the salesperson if there are any warranties and their return policy.



Q: Is It A Good Idea to Put A Rug Under A Dining Room Table?

A: Yes, rugs are a great addition to a dining room. You just need to choose durable rugs with easy maintenance for this space. A rug will surely make your dining room cozier, more appealing, and more inviting.


Q: How Far Should A Rug Go Past the Dining Table?

A: If the rug allows the chairs to expand without reaching the edge of the rug, then you can say that your rug is perfect. Just ensure your rug is spread 24 (roughly 2 feet) inches on all sides of the table, and that will automatically make it perfect for the room.


Q: Can A Dining Room Rug be too Big?

A: Yes, it has to be. When choosing a rug for a dining room, pick one that's a bit bigger rather than too small. It’ll balance the room's entire appearance and make it look sophisticated.

So, how to buy a rug for your dining room? We hope you have the answer now. Just observe your space and requirements and hunt the one according to it. We hope the details we've provided about different types of rugs, their qualities, and features will assist you in finding the perfect rug for your needs.

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