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How to Make a Jute Rug? - 5 Steps to Craft Your Own Jute Rug

Updated: May 30

Some folks don’t buy ready-made jute rugs for the price, and some don’t because they want to make them themselves. In both cases, the question that pokes everyone is, how to make a jute rug at home?

Well, making a rug is very easy if you just follow 5 simple steps. Planning the process, preparing the rug base, applying glue and anchoring the jute ropes, letting it sit, and trimming excess ropes

That’s how you make a DIY jute rope rug at home at a meager cost. Now, let’s dive into the details. 

How to Make a Jute Rug?
Making process of Jute Rug

5-Step to Make Your Own Jute Rug at Home

There are a few ways to make a jute rug, you can use crochet for woven rugs, you can also use needles & yarn, or glue. 

Here we’ll be taking you through the easiest way to make a jute rug. And it includes the use of both needles and glue. 

Things You’ll Need

  1. Rug Pad/ Drawer Liner/ or Just a Simple Thick Fabric

  2. Duck Tape (If you’ll be joining two or more bases together)

  3. Jute Rope (⅜” thick at least)

  4. Scissors/blade

  5. Fast Grab Fabric Adhesive

  6. Needle (The needles need to be 6” long and 9 gauge steel)

  7. Thread (Make sure the threads are heavy-duty, otherwise it won’t hold the jute ropes long enough)

  8. Spray Paint, Decorative Items (Optional)

Caution: Some glues release harmful fumes which can be damaging to some groups of people. Plus, some glues can even damage the skin if they come into contact. 

Therefore make sure to wear personal protective equipment such as a respiratory mask and gloves. Also, make sure to pick a well-ventilated place.

Lastly, needles, scissors, and blades can also be hazardous if not handled with care. Hence, don’t forget to wear suitable working gloves when using these sharp items.

Step 1 - Planning 

The first thing you would want to do is plan what the shape and design of the rug would be. You can give your rug different shapes like circular, rectangle, triangle, etc. 


If you want the shape to be circular, then the jute rope placement pattern would be different from the other shapes. 

Then decide whether you want to paint the rug with different colors or want to keep it raw. Also think about adding decorative items like colored strings, fabric flowers, etc. 

Also don’t forget to think about the size, because how many supplies (rope, glue, backing material, etc.) you would need will depend on that. 

Ensure you have all the above-mentioned items near you, organize them well, and pick a well-ventilated and spacious room for the procedure. 

Step 2 - Preparing the Rug Base

Once you have decided about the size, design, and shape of the rug, it’s time to get into the real action. 

You’d want to start by shaping the rub base

If you’re using a drawer liner as the rug base, or just any fabric, cut that into your desired shape. 

In case of a circular shape, make sure to mark the center with a marker. 

If the backing material (rug base) falls short, you can join a couple of them together using duct tape, glue, or sewing and then cut it to the shape you want. 

When the base is ready, lay it flat on the surface and make sure that it's free of wrinkles or creases. Because it might affect the good look of the rug. 

Step 3 - Start Putting the Ropes

As mentioned before, for circular-shaped rugs the rope pattern would be different than others. 

So here you’re going to learn about two different rope patterns, one for circular shapes and one for the rest of the shapes. 

Circular: Mark the center of the rug base, put a decent amount of glue, then hold one end of the rope and press that on the glue so that it’s anchored properly. 

Otherwise, it will come loose in a while, making you do the job twice. 

Give it a little time to sit. For better anchoring, you can sew the rope end to the rug base. 

After securing the rope in the center, put glue on the areas around it, making sure to spread the glue everywhere. 

And then start coiling the rope around ensuring there is no gap between the ropes. 

Keep gluing and coiling the rope until you cover the entire rug base. 

Rectangular & Others: Take the scissor or blade, and cut the ropes into the size of either the width or height of the rug base. Keep the ropes a little longer than the base size.

For example, if the width of the rug base is 12 inches, you can keep the ropes 14 inches long. So, there would be some extra rope on the edge of the rug to make the rug look good. 

Once you have cut the ropes, lay the rug base flat on the floor, apply glue, and then keep putting the ropes side by side with no gap. 

While putting the ropes, don’t forget to press them against the rug base so that they will anchor better. 

Keep putting ropes, until you cover the entire base. For better longevity, you can also sew the ropes with the base on the middle and the edges. 

Step 4 - Let It Sit

After covering the entire rug base with ropes, let it sit for a few hours. If you have used fast-grab adhesives, then a few hours should be good enough to sit properly. 

Check the ropes a few hours later, and make sure they are glued strongly. Gently pull a few ropes to see if they are glued properly or not. 

If you find a few ropes coming off with a gentle pull, put glue underneath that rope, press it, and let it sit for a little while. 

Do not let the rug sit under direct sunlight or around heavy heat, it might melt the glue and ruin hours of hard work. 

Step 5 - Trim

In the case of rectangles, triangles, and shapes, check if the ropes on the edges are all equal. If you find some ropes to be bigger than others, then trip those to match the average size. 

Jute Rug Maintenance 

You’ve spent hours making the jute rug, all your effort might go in vain if the rug isn’t maintained well. Here are a few suggestions to keep the rug well-maintained and make it last longer -

  • Keep the rug away from water, even if somehow rug gets wet, dry it immediately

  • Regularly rotate the rug so that the rug would wears out evenly

  • Vacuum the rug from both sides to take off sand, dust, and dirt

  • Don’t keep the rug under direct sunlight, it will make the color fade

  • Clean spills, and waste on the rug immediately, otherwise, removing the stain can get tiring

You can also paint your jute rug to make it elegance and more beautiful.


Though it might seem daunting with the right guidance making jute rugs is pretty simple. With that said, if you have gone through the guide, you definitely know how to make a jute rug at home. 

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