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Crafting Dreams, Empowering Lives: The Inspiring Tale of Asix - Bridging Bangladeshi Culture with Global Hearts

Updated: May 30

In the heart of Bangladesh, where tradition meets innovation, there exists a beacon of hope and creativity known as Asix. Founded by the visionary couple Afsana Asif and Asif Iqbal, this family-owned business transcends the boundaries of commerce to touch the lives of rural women through the art of crafting.


Afsana's dream, fueled by a deep passion for Bangladeshi culture, found its catalyst in the unwavering support and inspiration of her husband, Asif. Recognizing the potential to empower rural women, Asif encouraged Afsana to transform her dream into reality. Thus, the journey of Asix began, driven by the mission to empower, uplift, and connect.


Since its inception in 2015, Asix has become a beacon of empowerment, training over 900 women artisans in the meticulous art of handcrafting. The couple's relentless dedication has not only transformed the lives of these artisans but has also elevated the standard of handcrafted products to meet global excellence.


Afsana and Asif, the heart and soul of Asix, have crafted a narrative that extends beyond the borders of Bangladesh. Every year, since their inception, they have graced the stages of prestigious international consumer fairs, including Ambiente in Frankfurt and New York Now in the USA. Here, they unveil not just products but a compelling story — a story of sustainable living practices, cultural richness, and the indomitable spirit of Bangladeshi artisans.


The Asix collection is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Jute, cotton, Palmyra leaves, Mela leaves, and more come together in harmony, weaving lifestyle products that echo the vibrancy of Bangladeshi heritage. From kitchen and table essentials featuring intricate Palmyra Jamdani placemats to living space adornments like Mela Braided Poufs and Cotton Frayed Cushions, each piece is a masterpiece that bridges tradition with contemporary design.


In the realm of travel accessories, Asix offers not just products but stories to accompany the journeys of those who seek unique experiences. Mela Braided Tote Bags, Cotton Beach Towels, Jute Rugs, and Mela Braided Sun Hats tell tales of sustainable elegance, connecting the rural landscapes of Bangladesh with global wanderers.


Asix's impact extends far beyond commerce. Their participation in international fairs is not just a showcase of products; it's an invitation to connect, collaborate, and become part of a movement. With every visit to Ambiente and New York Now, Asix invites designers, retailers, and wholesalers to join hands in preserving tradition, empowering women, and fostering sustainability.


Crafting Dreams, Empowering Lives: The Inspiring Tale of Asix - Bri