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Asix follows a sustainable design program that helps us achieve meaningful progress in social and environmental policy and practices, creating genuine added value in the local and global market. We are constantly assessing, evaluating and improving our methods to ensure the best practices in the industry.


impact for people & planet

Our practices towards positive impact towards the planet includes reducing wastage where possible; using energy saving light, conserving water where possible, using renewable materials (jute, cotton), volunteering for the community and encouraging workers to work from their own homes to reduce travelling.

We are honest, transparent and ethical in all our dealings through fair wages, gender equality, continuous improvement, regular trainings and coaching, as well as being strongly against child labor.

practices for social & environmental issues

We ensure community development by training artisans & youth, teaching vocational skills and storytelling.

We try our best to implement the most sustainable practices by sourcing eco-friendly products, researching the best global practices and ethical production methods.

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