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Why It’s Time To Decorate With Runner Rugs: Catching Up With The Trends

Runner rugs are often neglected when it comes to picking a rug for the room. Yes, they’re preferred for hallways or narrow areas due to their appearance, but it doesn’t have to be this way for your house. 

You will be amazed, with the right vision for the room, a runner rug can accentuate the space of any part of the house.

Let’s ditch the generic rules for rugs and find out why it’s time to decorate with runner rugs

Interior designers and home decor influencers have already figured it out. Now it's time for you to see these rugs for the stunner they are.

Why It’s Time To Decorate With Runner Rugs
Runner Rugs

Why It’s Time To Decorate With Runner Rugs

A major key concern in any home decor is how it's going to look. If we are to ask why go for runner rugs for decoration, the gorgeous designs will definitely take the top spot. 

Whether you're an admirer of the minimalistic appearance or you need a rug that will match the vibe of the console table under the staircase, there's a rug for every preference.

Retro Woolen Tapestry

For an old-timey soul, there’s a vast collection of antique and vintage runner rugs in the market to choose from. Apart from the traditional choice of 17th-century or English rugs, you can always go for the oriental ones. 

Retro Woolen Tapestry

Turkish Angora and Persian Qashqai rugs are literally flying off the shelves of stores these days for the unique charm they bring with their designs.

Bohemian Essence

If you’re into a more boho chic look, kilims are always a rad option. There has been an upsurge in the demand for Persian rugs in the recent few years. 

For more variations of texture in bohemian patterns, you can choose between braided and shag runners.

Bohemian Essence

Straight Geometry

Art Deco patterns are in style again. Then again, they never went out of style for hallway runners. 

For more modern pattern-cravers, there’s nothing like a Scandinavian runner. For a little less assembly of straight lines, you can try the modern Swedish ones.

The options in the aesthetics are primarily what caught the attention of the home decor enthusiasts first. 

Sure, runner rugs have always been stylish in their own way, but how many have dared to debut a runner as the central piece? 

With these many choices, it’s time for you to make a statement about your taste for the space.

Made with Better Materials 

We dig all the fantastic designs runner rugs have to offer for their users. Some of these varieties are a direct result of the material that’s been in use. 

It’s another plus side of using runner rugs in different areas of the house, they are crafted with a diverse range of materials that come in handy for a variety of reasons.

Natural Fiber

For those looking for something natural and durable, natural fiber variants will always be ahead in the race for rug material supremacy. 

Sisal, jute, and seagrass runners are the go-to choice for those who prefer sustainable yet eco-friendly options. Great for areas with plenty of sunlight.

natural fiber

Sisal and seagrass rugs are great for high-traffic areas as it takes a lot for them to wear out.

The stain-resistant coating makes seagrass runner the best choice for spaces prone to staining and excessive footprint. 

Fun to clean, unless they’re sisal rugs. 

Jute can’t withstand rough use like these two, but it’s still pretty durable for a natural fiber. If not anything, they’re super comfy on the skin.

Speaking of comfort, you can always upgrade to rugs made of natural fiber wool for a more warm feel.

Fabric Materials

You’re more into fabric surfaces? Animal wool runners are chic, usually vibrant in colors and patterns, and feel cozy. Perfect for cold hardwood floors and tiles.

Wool runner rugs are mostly stain-resistant, and easy to clean. With proper wash, they will last for decades even after being used in heavy-traffic spots. Most antique and vintage runners you’ll come across are made of wool.

If a soft feel is where your priority lies, cotton rugs are a fab choice for runners. The weavings in cotton ones tend to be the more bohemian, most eccentric. 

The only problem is, they’re prone to wearing out with too much foot traffic or traction.

But they're a stunning addition to the decor, so you have to be mindful about placing these rugs somewhere they are less likely to be stepped on. 

While on the subject of pure decor material, viscose is a fine choice for an area with less traffic. For the hallway runner rugs, a blend of viscose is always welcome.

Synthetic Options

Synthetic fibers are great for heavy use, although they’re less likely to last for more than a decade. Nylon rugs are favored by most people for their durability and designs. But for a softer touch, polyester is the best.

The brilliant part about synthetic runners is that they’re fade-resistant, so they are perfect for areas with sunlight exposure. Easy to clean, and available in styles that will complement any decor. 

synthetic fiber

Just make sure you’re not putting one of these highly flammable rugs in the kitchen and near the boiler, heater, or radiator.

Every material has some unique advantages and drawbacks. The one who can manage to pick the one that fits their purpose is the runner rug victorious. You can be one too.

One Rug Serves For Multiple Purposes

Every decor enthusiast knows that decor doesn’t end with the look, the purpose matters too. This is why runner rugs are gaining popularity as the key attraction in random areas of the house instead of being only a long hallway rug.

One runner rug crafted with unique work of weaving or braiding can add to the charm of the room. Various patterns will give the space a personality it didn’t have before.


Having a runner rug with a staggering design under the console table or near the bed is pretty feng shui, to say the least.

Think about it, you can only fit narrow runner rugs in the kitchen to keep your feet comfortable. And they’re a must-needed addition to cold hardwood floors and tiles. Also, these rugs are literal life-savers in the bathroom; particularly when you’re getting out of the shower with wet feet.

The Verdict

Because of their long, narrow shapes and fabulous styles, runner rugs are compatible with any part of the house. Let it be entryways, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, patios, and even bathrooms. And they’re available in different materials to match different needs.

So when it comes to why it’s time to decorate with runner rugs, the answer is easy. No matter what style or material you prefer, there’s a runner rug at some corner of a store waiting to elevate the decor of your space.

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