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How To Clean A Jute Rug? - Simplest Way of Cleaning Jute Rugs the Home

Jute rugs give an aesthetic vibe to the home and they are pretty comfortable to use as well. But things get very uncomfortable when they start to get dirty.

These aren’t like any other rugs, the cleaning process of these rugs is also different from the others. This is why often we see people wondering about how to clean a jute rug the right way.

How To Clean A Jute Rug?

The simplest way is dry cleaning which includes vacuuming the dust, applying powder, beating dust & debris off, and then vacuuming again. And for spot cleaning you’d require applying solution and brushing.

Go through for a detailed guideline…

How To Clean A Jute Rug?
Jute Rug

Simple Ways to Dry Clean a Jute Rug 

Jute rugs aren’t like any other rug that you can clean with any cleaning solution. If not used wisely, water can damage jute rugs, and that can also invite heavy mold, making the rug look, smell, and feel disgusting.

Sometimes cleaning steps vary on how the jute rug is made. The best way to keep the jute rugs in good shape is dry cleaning. It is the most effective and safest method to maintain the durability and beauty of jute rugs.  And here is how you do it effectively.

Things You’ll Require

  • Vacuum Cleaner

  • Dry Cleaning Powder

  • Broom or Bristle Brush (Soft)

  • A thick stick or bat or rug beater

Hang the Rug Outside

Pick an open space outside your house or on your roof, hang the rug, and then gently beat the rug with a bat, thick stick, or a rug beater. 

As you beat, you would see dust & debris coming out of the rug. 

But, before starting the beating process, make sure you wear a mask.


The next is to vacuum the entire rug. 

You’d want to vacuum the rug from both sides. It should take off and lose dirt and debris. 

You can do a little bit of brushing this will loosen dirt.

Applying Powder

When you’ve vacuumed the rug thoroughly, it’s time for the dry power treatment. 

Look for spots that have heavy soiling or stains, search for something that requires the most attention. Then pick a spoon of dry powder and sprinkle evenly everywhere. 

After that, pick another spoon of dry powder and only sprinkle over the most dirty spots. 

Use a soft bristle brush or a broom to spread the dry powder and to make the powder penetrate deep into the jute fibers. 

The deeper they go, the better the rug would look. 

Then allow the powder to sit for a while. How long you should leave the powder to sit would depend on the brand you’re using. But the safe bet would be to leave for around 6 - 7 hours at least.


When the powders have gone deep into the fibers and sat properly, you can beat the rug a little bit more. This will loosen or get rid of the remaining sand or dirt accumulated in the rug.


Lastly, when the beating is done, vacuum the rug from both sides again. Brush the rug thoroughly to restore its original texture. 

How to Get Stain Out of Jute Rug?

Not every cleaning solution will be effective for all types of stains. So before you get started with spot cleaning, you’d want to access the stain first. 

Stains could be of anything, it could be from tea, coffee, oily foods, pet waste, etc. And there are different solutions for different kinds. However, let’s get started. 

Things You’ll Require

  • Towel or Cloth

  • Liquid Soap or Mild Detergent

  • White Vinegar

  • Baking Soda

  • Bristle Brush (Soft)

  • Spray Bottle 

  • Vacuum Cleaner


The first thing to do for effective spot cleaning in jute rugs is to blot up as much of the stain or spill as possible. 

Take a cloth or towel, lay it flat on the stain or spill. 

Remember not to rub or push hard, that’ll spread the stain and spills will go deeper into the jute fibers. And that will result in you sweating badly. 

blotting stain

Simply lay the cloth or towel flat on the liquid or oil or spill, then gently pat the cloth or towel a few times. That’ll allow the towel or cloth to absorb the liquid.

Repeat the process a couple of times until most of the liquids are absorbed. 

Make the Cleaning Solution

This step can be a little tricky because here you have to make the solution depending on the type of stain you have on the rug. However, we’ve made it easy for everyone.

Apply the Solution

Once you are done making the solution, pour it into the spray bottle. Then apply a gentle amount to the stains. You don’t want to put much solution on the jute, just make sure the stained area is damp.


Wait a few minutes for the solution to penetrate deep into the rug. Then blot the cleaning solution with a clean cloth or towel. Take the brush and gently scrub the stained area in a circular motion. 

Make sure not to put much force. That can damage the jute fibers. 

Stubborn Stains 

Even after scrubbing, if you see the stains are not coming off at all. Then you might need to apply another solution. 

Pick baking soda, 1 tablespoon (take more for bigger stains), and then mix it with less than 1 tablespoon of water. 

Stir and make a paste of it. Put the paste on the stained area.

Leave the paste there to dry for a few hours, then take off the paste using a vacuum. 

This solution should take the stains off. If it doesn’t, you should consider hiring a

professional rug cleaner. 


When you see the stains off the rug, you’d want to treat the area with a little water. This would make sure there is no loose dirt debris stuck and would also take off the cleaning solution properly.


Deep a clean cloth into the water, and press the cloth with your fist to remove excess water. Lay the cloth flat on the stained area, and slightly push the cloth against the rug. 

Then air dry the rug. Using a blower would be a wise decision, since it will dry the rug faster, preventing the chances of water damage to the jute. 

How to Clean Dog Poop Off a Jute Rug?

Cleaning dog poop isn’t a tiring task but when they decide to poop on a jute rug, that is physically tiring and also pretty time-consuming. 

Having that said, following a guideline can make cleaning dog waste off the jute rug a little less sweaty. Check it out:

Remove the Waste

The moment you see dog poop on the jute rug, waste no time to get it out of the rug. You can use a hard sheet, knife, spatula, or just your hands (wear gloves). 

When removing, try your best not to spread the poop in more areas, be gentle and make sure you don’t push the poop further deep into the jute fibers. 

Solid waste is easy to take off but liquids are hard. However, try your best to take as much waste as possible off the rug.


After removing the poop, lay some paper towels or cloth flat on the stained area to take off as much moisture as possible. 

Gently press the cloth or paper against the rug, too much pressure will cause the liquid to penetrate deeper.

Make Cleaning Solution 

Time to make a cleaning solution. For the solution, you’d want to take a small amount of liquid soap or detergent (mild) and then mix it with an equal amount of water. 

If you want a more effective solution, then go for a commercial enzymatic cleaner, these solutions are solely made for clearing pet stains.

Apply the Solution 

If you are using a commercial solution, before the final application, apply a very small amount of solution in a corner of the rug. 

Just to see if the solution causes discoloration or not. If it looks good, then you are good to go.

You can spray the solution to the stained area or you can simply use a clean sponge or cloth. After applying, leave the solution to sit for a few minutes.

Blot Again

When a few minutes have passed, lay a damp clean cloth or paper towel on the treated area. Gently press the cloth or towel onto the rug to absorb the moisture and solution. 

Keep repeating the process until you take off most of the solution from the rug.


Keep the rug in a ventilated area to dry, but not under direct sunlight. It’d be best if you could use a blower to dry the rug fast. That’ll eliminate the chances of mold formation. 

How to Clean Dog Pee on Jute Rug?

The process of cleaning dog pee is similar to cleaning dog poop. The difference is, that it’s mostly liquid. Here is how you should take off pee from the jute rug. 

  • Take a paper towel or cloth, and lay that flat on the areas that have a pee. 

  • Firmly press the towel or cloth against the rug to absorb as much liquid as possible

  • Make a white vinegar and water solution, and spray it over the affected areas

  • Let the solution penetrate deep inside the fibers and wait for a few hours

  • After a few hours, blot as much solution as possible with a cloth or towel

  • Let it dry

How to Clean Dog Vomit on Jute Rug?

Cleaning vomit, whether dog’s, cat’s, or human, requires a very careful and calculated approach. The wrong approach can spread the vomit around and cause it to penetrate deep which will not only stain the rug but will also release a foul smell. 

Let’s have a look at how you should clean vomit from a jute rug effectively:

Things You’ll Require

  • Paper Towel or Clean Cloth

  • Baking Soda

  • White Vinegar

  • Detergent (Mild)

  • Bristle Brush (Soft)

  • Spray Bottle 

  • Spoon/Spatula

Act Fast

The moment you see vomit on the rug, act fast to remove as much solid matter and liquid as possible. 

To do that, you can use a spoon or spatula, and gently lift the solid matter from the rug. Be very careful and gentle, try your best to not spread the vomit in clean areas of the rug. 

When picking up the solid matter, make sure you don’t push them inside the fiber.


Pick a cloth or paper towel, and lay that flat on the vomit. The goal is to allow it to absorb the liquid. 

Firmly press the towel or cloth, but do not put much force. And do not rub, that will spread the vomit.

Make a Cleaning Solution 

Take white vinegar and water, both should be in equal amounts. Mix them properly and pour into a spray bottle. White vinegar is good for removing vomit, pee, and poop stains. Plus, it also removes odor.


Spray a decent amount of the solution on the areas that have vomit and allow it to penetrate inside the fibers. Then allow the solution to sit and do its magic. Give it 5-10 minutes.

Blot the Solution 

Now lay a clean cloth or towel on the areas where you just sprayed the solution. Give a gentle press to take off the leftover solution.

Apply Detergent

Now, take a little amount of mild detergent and mix that with the same amount of water. 

Damp a clean cloth with this solution and dab onto the sprayed areas. This is for rinsing the vinegar.

Leave for Drying 

Hang the rug in a well-ventilated area to dry, never leave it under direct sunlight. You can use a blower to dry it faster. 

However, never use a hair dryer, the heat will damage the jute fibers.


If the above process doesn’t solve the problem, there is another alternative that you can try. 

Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on the affected areas and then let it sit for a few hours.

The best would be to leave it overnight. 

Then vacuum the powder off the rug. This should remove the organic stain and also the foul odor. 

Or, there are some commercial enzyme-based pet stain removers, that can also be pretty effective. 

However, the application process varies from brand to brand. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines in that case. 


  • Never use bleach or harsh chemicals on the jute rugs because they damage the fibers badly and also cause the rug to fade

  • It’s wise not to water wash the rug. Sprinkling or spraying a little amount should be fine if dried immediately.

  • Don’t leave the rug under direct sunlight or use a hair dryer to dry it, that will cause discoloration and weaken the fibers.

With the right ingredients and process, cleaning jute rugs isn’t a big deal. Just make sure you clean the rug as fast as possible and don’t use harsh chemicals like bleach. 

However, if you’ve gone through the entire guide, now you definitely know how to clean a jute rug at home effectively. And that’s a wrap for this one, hoping to catch you on the next one. 

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