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7 Ways to Repair Your Braided Jute Rug!

Updated: May 30

With proper care, braided jute rugs can survive generations. However, like everything else, your favorite rugs can show signs of wear and tear. It can be sad to part ways with something you love. Here’s the thing - you don’t have to.

Have the braids become uneven on your jute rug? We can help you even it out. Or maybe the fringes got damaged? We have the fix. Does it have holes? We will teach you how to patch it up. And so on and so forth. 

To repair your braided jute rug, first, assess the damage by identifying any loose strands or areas needing attention. Next, use a needle and thread to carefully stitch any loose braids or frayed edges back in place. Finally, consider using a rug repair kit or seeking professional help for more extensive damage.

If you are looking for a solution for your damaged rug, this article is for you. You will need some kits and eyes to determine what’s wrong with your rug.

7 Ways to Repair Your Braided Jute Rug
Braided Jute Rug

How to Identify a Damaged Braided Jute Rug?

Firstly, you need to identify the type and extent of damage to your jute rug to fix the problem. Diagnosis is necessary if you want to know the tools and methods best suited to your situation. 

Some issues are easy to solve and should not take more than 10-20 minutes, while others may take multiple steps and a longer time. But nothing too complex, we promise.

Roots and Boots

  1. With use, the fabrics naturally wear out. Some threads may get loose and pop up, making the rug look unpleasant. Fixing should take a little time if this is the case. Long-term use, cat claws, and accidents can lead to this problem.

  2. One or more holes require patching up. The mending process shall take long. So, you're advised to begin once you are done with all your daily chores.

  3. Sometimes, the fringes get damaged and become uneven. This is an easy fix and shouldn’t take long.

  4. A rug is made of many individual threads interwoven together. Now, these threads can shift out of place, creating a gap between rope lines. This is a common occurrence. You will have to reattach the threads together to fix the problem.

  5. Although no repairs are required, cleaning your rug is a part of the taking care process. If ignored, your stained rug can stink up the room. This will not leave a good impression on guests.  Moreover, the carpet will age faster, and the colors will fade as the braids become frail from dirt.

Items You Will Need

The selection of equipment differs for each issue. 

In general, one would need -

  1. For repairing: Fabric glue, trimmer, scissors (a rug scissor or duckbill tufting scissor), binding tape, fabric patch, glue gun, upholstery needle, thread (hemp)

  2. For cleaning and maintaining: A vacuum cleaner, fabric conditioner, vinegar, mild detergent, and steam iron.

How to Prepare for Jute Rug Repairs

So, have you identified the issue with your rug? If so, gather the relevant equipment. 

Before starting, clean the area with a vacuum cleaner or whatever you have so there is no dirt and loose strings. Also, ensure enough lighting in the room and time in your hand. These are prerequisites.

Whichever Repairing Method Suits Your Issue

Find the solutions to your rug’s problem below and apply them. If you're struggling, don't despair because this is natural, as you're not an expert. Furthermore, go to a professional if you’re unsure of your capabilities.

  1. Assuming you are done with the prerequisites, check out the regions of pop-ups, for there could be tiny holes beneath them.  With Holes Get the glue machine and fabric glue if you find any holes. Grab the wayward jute fibers around and glue them together. Then, gently push them back inside the hole. Use the flat side of a bottle cap for the pushing. Without holes If there are no holes, then grab the trimmer to trim them. Make sure you're not cutting too deep. Afterward, rub the region with your hands and see if it seems even. If not, you will have to redo the process. Frayed fringe

  2. If the fringes around the corner of your rug have become uneven, this is for you. 

  3. Start removing the lines of jute braids one by one. How much depends on the damage and shortness of the fringes. 

How long do you want the damaged fringes to be? Keep pulling until you achieve that length.

Next, secure the fringes by knotting together two fringes using a standard overhand knot. Or, you could sew around the fringe area. 

Finally, chop the extra tall fringes with a rug scissor to ensure all have the same size.

Holes or Tears

You will need a fabric patch, fabric glue, glue gun, upholstery needle, and some threads. Although any kind will do, get hemp threads for better results. 

Moreover, the fabric patch should match the patterns and color of the damaged area, or else it will look absurd.


Clean the area and remove excess fibers around the hole. If the hole is big, grab the fabric patch and place it over the hole, ensuring the patterns match. Sew the edges with your curved upholstery needle. 

Finally, trim the loose threads, if any, and check whether the sewing is firm.

Fabric Glue

If you are not confident with your sewing skills, use the fabric glue to patch up. This shall do the job. 

Fabric Glue

Use the gun to apply a thin line of glue around the fabric patch and place it on the hole. 

Apply pressure with a flat surface object, a book, to ensure a snug hold. Remember to not over-apply glue.

Look at the patched area. It should look natural in terms of patterns and colors. 

Separated Braiding

To mend the unbraided threads, you need some tools. Depending on the method, you may use an upholstery needle and threads or fabric glue and a glue gun.

Go to the damaged area, close the gap between threads, and sew them together with the needle. The color of the yarn must match the rug. Once you're done sewing, trim the loose strains.

Again, if you can't sew to save your life, don't panic. Fabric glue is there to save you. Grab the glue gun, apply glue between each thread, and hold them together for a few seconds. Once dried off, the damaged area should look perfectly normal.

Bad Odors & Stains

You must clean your rug occasionally. Avoid using spot cleaners or even standard rug cleaners. 

Instead, make a mixture of white vinegar, a mild detergent, and warm water and clean your jute rug. 

It is better to use fabric conditioner (Comfort Pure, Wilton London, Fairy Outdoorable) to prolong the fabric's longevity. 

Double-check the Repaired Area

Once you are done, inspect whether the fix was good enough. Do the steps below -

1. Give the rug a gentle shake to check the stability of the repaired area.

2. Undergo extensive cleaning.

3. Check all the repaired areas for stability.

4. Check whether the braids are even.

5. If adhesive is used, ensure it is dry.

Prevent Damaging Your Rug

Braided rugs can be used in many ways. Thus it can be damaged or dirty in many ways. Some braided rugs are pet-friendly. Rugs can be dirty or damaged very easily. To avoid damage to your rug, you must -

  1. Vacuum your rugs on the "hard floor setting, " which puts less stress on your precious carpet, meaning less damage.

  2. Repair the tears and fray as soon as you notice. Thus, the proverb, "A stitch in time saves nine."

  3. Rug pads can keep your rug safe from damage.

  4. Some people iron their jute rugs. This advice is for you if you are one of them.

First off, place a damp cloth on the carpet before ironing. Always use a steam iron on a low setting.

Hopefully, this article has taught you how to repair your braided jute rug. 

Rugs are valuable, either monetarily or sentimentally, or both. If you have successfully fixed your damaged jute rugs by following our article, it means our effort did not go in vain. Don’t forget to take precautions while sewing, applying glue, and using the needle and scissors.

Moreover, you must use rug pads. If you have pets, check daily whether they caused any damage to the rug. Be careful not to spill any food and drinks. Also, remember to vacuum your rug and clean it with the right cleaners regularly. 

This article has also covered the ways of maintaining your jute rug. Follow them, and your rugs may not require repairs again. Thank you.

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